Est. 2007
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Kaiyuan Orphanage
In 2014, Splash will announce that every orphanage in China has clean, safe water. Get a glimpse inside just one of China's 1,000+ 'Social Welfare Institutes'.
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Our China Program Team
Bill Brockhaus
Program Development
Aliso Viejo, CA
Hailan Qi
Country Director
Beijing, China
Samuel Pan
Program Staff
Beijing, China
Zhang Lin
Service Team Assistant
Beijing, China
Qi Yicong
Service Team Leader
Beijing, China
The Strategy
Est. 2007
Geographic Focus: Countrywide
Project Focus: orphanages
Our work in China is both complex and gratifying. It was in China that our founder’s focus on cleaning water for institutionalized children was first formed, and where many of our enduring ideals and beliefs were born. Today, China is home to our most audacious program yet: ensuring that every single active orphanage in the country will have clean, safe water!
Our Clean Water for Orphans Project is our largest program to date. The initial goal of providing every orphanage in China clean water—more than 650 orphanages in 31 provinces and municipalities—still sounds outrageous. Yet by the end of 2009 we had completed one third of the overall goal, and we plan to finish by Summer 2013.
China is anything but a small country. In other countries where we work, you will find us in 1-3 large cities, strategically scaling significant coverage of our water projects in many individual partner sites. But in China there are more than 500 orphanages in an equal number of cities–it takes a whole different game plan! Taking our model to the national level, to cover every orphanage–in all 31 provinces and municipalities—was a crazy idea to begin with. And it has required a juggling act to fully implement. But we are proud to say it is working.  
Splash is uniquely positioned to provide clean water technology for a project of this magnitude. By the time this project took flight in 2008, Splash staff already had over 5 years of experience working in Chinese orphanages. We are now taking our project to every region of China, addressing what we feel is the most critical issue facing children around the world: lack of clean drinking water.